$700,000 - $800,000 from the city's general fund, according to Arrieta-Candelaria that's money from sales taxes and parking downtown, among other things, but not including property tax.

If the HOT tax doesn't pass, Arrieta-Candelaria said 98 percent of the funding, about $3.5 million would come from the general fund.

According to Arrieta-Candelaria the estimates are likely to decrease over time, but do not include the cost of demolishing and relocating City Hall.

On the morning of July 6 the El Paso Padres website showed the silhouette of a baseball player and the star on the mountain in the sky without the mountain.

By that afternoon the page no longer showed the image and was just an orange page.

Franklin Mountain Management also has registered elpasobaseball.com. It was registered in 2004, the same year that affiliated baseball left El Paso when the Diablos were moved to Missouri.

Elpasobaseball.com showed the same baseball player and star image as the El Paso Padres website until the afternoon of July 6.

ABC-7 reporter Whitney Burbank contributed to this report