Lenny Dykstra was a no-show for his celebrity boxing match with fellow former major-leaguer Jose Canseco.

The reasoning for his absence for Saturday's bout - perhaps not surprisingly - is somewhat clouded.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Dykstra believed that he was never scheduled to fight.

The newspaper cited a conversation with Dykstra's long-time friend John Bolaris, who detailed that the former Phillies and New York Mets outfielder wasn't planning on attending -- despite receiving $5,000 up front and with the premise of another $10,000 more after the fight.

Of course, Dykstra did boast a few days prior to the "fight" that "Canseco ruined my career by spreading lies. I called (White House party crasher Tareq Salahi) and begged him to let me take his place in the upcoming fight against Canseco."

Both baseball players are tied heavily into baseball's infamous steroid era.

Canseco, 47, admitted in a pair of tell-all books about his steroid use while the 48-year-old Dykstra was named in the Mitchell Report for the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances.