Young teens pushing for improved El Paso skyline

Just 13-years-old, teens hatch plan and turn to politicians for help

EL PASO, Texas - They may be 13-years old, but if no one else is stepping up they will.

Alex Renteria, a Lincoln middle school student, told El Paso County leaders they want to rival the skylines of other cities in the region. Renteria said it'd create more pride in his hometown.

Renteria, started a group called "Brighten El Paso," with his cousin, Brandon Mina, and 14-year-old Samuel Nava. The three are pushing the city of El Paso, the county and private businesses to take part in their idea to brighten El Paso's skyline.

The teens have already met with leaders from El Paso Electric and the Chamber of Commerce. Today, they met with county leaders. On Tuesday, they hope to speak with El Paso city representatives.

"We started the plan because we go out of town and see beautiful skylines," said Renteria.

According to recent census data, Albuquerque is the 53rd largest city in the United States by population. El Paso ranks 19th. Renteria questioned why, when he recently visited Albuquerque, he noticed their skyline looked better.

"(Ours) is just not that bright, we want to brighten El Paso," said Renteria.

County leaders didn't take action, but showed at least a level of support. Commissioner Carlos Leon's office staff pulled the boys aside and requested contact information so they could look into drafting a letter of support. The boys are asking the county consider lighting up its downtown buildings like the jail and the county courthouse.

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