Woman dies from injuries in last week's collision in West El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - A woman involved in an Upper Valley crash on July 11 has died.

Janet Balderrama, 25, was disconnected from life support around 11 a.m. July 15 and died moments later. 

Balderrama leaves behind her 8 year-old daughter and one and a half year old son. 

According to El Paso Police documents Balderrama was in a car with Iris Bustamante headed North on Doniphan.

That's when they say Desiree Lisette Skaf hit the back of their car, causing Bustamante to lose control and hit a utility pole.

The crash left Balderrama with a fractured right clavicle and severe head trauma that left her with no brain activity.

At first, her mother told ABC-7, she hoped for a miracle.

"For God, nothing is impossible," Lourdes Balderrama said.

But her daughter's progress did not come and Balderrama was removed from life support.

Police, meantime, continue to investigate the crash.

The initial reports indicated Scaf drove off after the crash and police found her on the 100 block of Montoya.

In a sworn statement by a police officer investigating the crash, Skaf was discovered alone and crying hysterically in the drivers seat of a Jetta with her head resting on a deployed airbag. She allegedly told the officer she didn't know what happened and was driving down Doniphan when her airbag deployed. Skaf said she pulled over because she had pain in her arms.

The officer reported smelling alcohol on Skaf and says she failed a field sobriety test. She's been charged with accident involving personal injury or death and one charge of intoxicated assault.

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