Woman attacked by wasps claims 911 never sent help

Woman attacked by wasps claims 911 never sent help

El Paso, Texas - An elderly woman gets attacked by a swarm of wasps and says emergency crews never arrived to help her.

It happened at 318 Duran St. in El Paso's Lower Valley.

Leticia Barrios tells ABC-7 Sunday evening she was still in pain and her eyes were opening up after all the stings she received to her face.

But she told ABC-7 what upsets her the most is that she couldn't get the help she needed when she called 911.

Barrios said it was a desperate situation when the swarm of wasps attacked her after throwing out the trash. She says the wasps kept biting her face.

But when the woman called 911, she said they asked her for her insurance and Social Security number. 

Barrios  she was surprised and that she has seen firefighters help dogs and cats. She says in the world's best country all she wanted was protection.

ABC-7 staff called the El Paso Fire Department and they said it is not procedure to ask for insurance or Social Security numbers.

But they investigated the situation and they claim they never received a call to that address.

When they went the following day after another call, the Barrios refused medical attention.

The EPFD told ABC-7,  the wasps weren't aggressive and that it is not policy to remove a bee hive or wasp nest unless there is immediate danger.

In some cases, they recommend calling an exterminator.

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