Woman allegedly robs bank after brain surgery

Daughter of bank robber suspect speaks with ABC-7

EL PASO, Tx - A woman held up a bank using a BB gun Candida Solorzano was caught the following day.

When asked how it felt to see her mom accused of holding up a bank, Candida Solorzano's daughter said, "Unbelievable, shocking, not real, I'm still waiting to wake up thinking its a nightmare."

She requested ABC-7 not show her face or release her name, but she wants El Pasoans to know her mother isn't a hardened criminal and that there's more to the story of the woman hiding behind the scarf and gun.

"She's been epileptic since she was a teenager. She suffered from attacks, memory loss," said Solorzano's daughter.

Candida underwent brain surgery 13 day before the bank robbery.

"She was hoping that the surgery was going to make her better, she's going to able to drive and work again," said Soloarzano's daughter.

She tells ABC-7 the surgery required removal of a piece of her brain. Once Solorzano was released from the hospital earlier this month, her daughter tells ABC-7 physically Solorzano was fine but mentally she was another person.

"She would forget a lot of things. She would have outbursts," said Solorzano's daughter, adding it was very unsual behavior from a mother who took good care of her children.

"She was a great mom, we always had everything we needed and wanted, she had a great work ethic," said Solorzano's daughter.

Solorzano's daughter was asked  if her mother was going through any financial troubles.

"She does get her disability, her social security, she does fine, there's no need for her to do this," said Solorzano's daughter.

But her main concern right now is getting her mom out of jail and into a hospital where she can get help.

"She literally has staples in her head," said Solorzano's daughter.

Solorzano's daughter tells ABC-7 she worries about the condition her mother is in, wich she describes as almost in a lost state.

"She would never do this intentionally, she has no reason to do it, and she needs help now," said Solorzano's daughter.










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