With 42 days until Christmas, Santa Claus is already visiting El Paso

Santa in El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - It’s been 12 days since Halloween and it’s and 11 days until Thanksgiving and Santa Claus is already in town.

With not much pomp and circumstance Santa Claus made it to the borderland, taking time off from working at the North Pole to see El Paso kids. Although he wasn’t noticed at first children eventually found him, well before many have even decided what to ask for.

“My boys usually send them out the first week of December,” said Rosa Cano, a mother of two.

With more than a month left until Christmas  parents we spoke with off-camera say they feel uncomfortable with the holiday shopping season starting so early, but even if Santa is here they say one thing makes it all worth it: smiles on their kids’ faces.

“Look, the boys are already excited coming down and seeing Santa. It’;s a very beautiful season that goes by super fast, so for them they want to enjoy every single day they possibly can,” Cano said.

As of press time it is  42 days until Christmas.

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