Winter storm hits Northeast, impacts local transportation company

Mesilla Valley Transportation feels impact from winter storm

EL PASO, Texas - Mesilla Valley Transportation delivers and picks up loads from across the U.S. ... that includes the states hit by a massive winter storm Thursday night into Friday morning.

When winter weather hits the best thing truckers can do according to driver Jorge Gonzalez is, "Slow down. The weather's actually telling you how fast you should go."

As an experienced driver Gonzalez says to go 5-10 miles slower than the speed limit.

"We have trucks stuck in Chicago, Detroit, Canada, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, the whole Northeastern part of the country that was hit by the storm," MVT Operations Director JoJohn Vega said.

The storm caused inconveniences for many, especially drivers, and halted normal operations for MVT.

"The sad part is that the drivers aren't doing anything ... they're just waiting till the road clears," Vega said.

Gonzalez says it's a good thing drivers aren't forced into icy conditions because he's driven in it before.

"You get afraid. It doesn't matter how many years you've been doing it. You feel the fright because you don't know what's gonna happen especially when you hit that black ice because once that truck starts sliding you don't know where you're gonna wind up," Gonzalez said.

Some MVT customers understand the delay while others don't because of the good weather here in the Southwest.

Tractor trailer drivers are reminded about safe driving tips and are given snow chains.

"Out there you don't get a lot of chances. An accident can occur rapidly," Gonzalez said.

The ultimate goal is not just to deliver the load in tact but protect the drivers and equipment.

Mesilla Valley Transportation transports everything from car parts to electronics to household goods in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Vega said the concern is not the snow on the road, it's the ice. With a second Artic blast due to hit the same areas next week, Vega said they're hoping to get a lot of work done over the weekend.

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