Windy Wednesday hits the borderland

Windy Wednesday takes over the borderland

EL PASO, Texas - The Sun City turned shades of brown today when the strong winds rolled through.

There was no escaping the wind in the borderland on Wednesday. All over town, the weather was relentless.

"I wasn't expecting the weather to be as windy as it is. I even wore a dress, and now it's ... I mean, a lot of my hair ... it's awful," Ileana Martinez said.

Winds that came from the west and southwest had plenty of time to pick up desert dust. The windy Wednesday is not the last the borderland will see, and it can be an inconvenience.
"As you can hear me, I'm all nasally from all the wind stirring up and making my nose all stuffy," Susie Vega said.

 Windy season normally lasts from March through May, sometimes going into June.
 Peak gusts got up to 50 miles per hour.

On Thursday, a cold front is moving in. Temps will be lower and the constant winds will remain, but blow at a slightly slower pace.

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