Winds, dirt and debris slam the Sun City

Winds dirt and debri slam the Sun City

EL PASO, Tx - The winds were relentless. Dust storms in the far East side of the county made for low visibility and dangerous driving conditions.

Road signs littered the streets, other signs couldn't handle the 60 mph winds, shattering to pieces on the concrete below.

Planes were barely visible in the skies, even they couldn't escape the brown haze.

In northeast El Paso a couple described their afternoon. "My wife and I were inside watching television," said Lou Lopez.

The howling winds redecorated Lopez's back yard.

"Boom in the back yard which is not far from where we were sitting" said Lopez.

A shed landed in his yard,breaking to pieces.

A home in Central El Paso took a hit, too.

The owner tells ABC-7 he was playing video games and didn't hear a thing.

A tree was uprooted, then dropped on his house.

The gas company had to check for gas leaks.

The winds in downtown made it a struggle for runners at the El Paso marathon.

Flying debris and chilly temps made for less-than-ideal running conditions.

"It's pretty bad right now, it's cold and it's dusty, dirt all over the place" said downtown merchant Louis Coronel.

He tells ABC-7 the winds aren't good for business.

"Not a lot of people stay, it's cold," said Coronel.

A bad day for business, less customers, but with the cleanup, more work.

"We have to keep sweeping, dusting," said Coronel.

Coronel says all the dust and dowtown trash will be back in his store even before he finishes.

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