Why is El Paso Fat? Because we eat too much.

Heath Department manager says portion control is greatest contributor to EP obesity

El Paso is Third Fattest City in U.S.

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso was ranked the third fattest city in the U.S. by Men's Health Magazine in August 2012, and a health department manager says the number of El Pasoans who are overweight is growing.

Since 2006, the percentage of overweight Sun City residents has continued to climb, El Paso Health Department Education Manager Sue Beatty said.

More than 41-percent of El Pasoans are currently overweight.

Beatty says that although fresh fruits and vegetables are not always readily available in the borderland, the greatest contributor to local obesity is lack of portion control.

On the west side, a smoothie and juice bar is struggling to attract customers to drink its all-in-one meals, made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

George Davis, owner of The Blend, says the concept has yet to catch on in El Paso, and says it is the only all-natural juice and smoothie bar in the city.

"People are just eating way too much," Davis said. "If you just back off the carbs and do something healthy and nutritional, like the shakes, that's the way to go."



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