Who might be next coach of UTEP football team?

EL PASO, Texas - Once UTEP coach Mike Price announced he was retiring, the very next question people want answered is who will be the next head coach.

Price said he would like to see UTEP defensive coordinator get the head coaching job.

"I would be remiss to say that I'm not 100 percent supportive of Andre Patterson to succeed me as the head coach. It is not my decision, but I do want to make that perfectly clear if anybody wants to listen," Price said on Nov. 19.

ABC-7 spoke to some people at UTEP and the name Sean Kugler has come up. If that name sounds familiar its because Kugler played at UTEP and was an assistant coach for the Miners from 1995-2000.
Another name being floated around is current Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Morningwhig, who was spotted at a UTEP practice this season.

 "I know Sean," said Bob Stull, UTEP Director of Athletics. "Sean played for me. Marty obviously is a coordinator in the NFL but to say those are two candidates or not is really not an issue at this point."

Stull said a couple of interesting things about the next coach.
First, he will not be a $2 million coach, meaning UTEP is going to stick to its budget, and won't overpay.
And second, the search committee will be a one man committee and that it will be him.

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