Where are the best spots to watch the demolitions?

Where are the best spots to watch the demolitions?

EL PASO, Texas - El Pasoans are expected to be out in force early Saturday and Sunday morning to watch the City Hall and Asarco smokestacks demolitions.

But where are the best spots to watch?

It really depends on whether you want to fight the traffic downtown and get a closeup view or stay out of the mess and get a bird's eye view of both demolitions from somewhere like up on Scenic Drive.

"This would be spectacular," said Claudia Anaya, who took a drive up Scenic Drive on Wednesday.

One of the best places to view both demolitions is at Murchison Park on Scenic Drive. From there you can see the Asarco smokestacks and City Hall, although your view is slightly obstructed from there by the Doubletree Hotel.

"I'd recommend it," Anaya said. "If you can take the hike, then do so."

If you'd like a little bit closer view of City Hall, there's always this view from Tom Lea Park off of Rim Road.

But one of the best views of Asarco is up on Sun Bowl Drive, behind the Sun Bowl pressbox. There's plenty of parking and you have a full view of both of the Asarco smokestacks.

"It's a beautiful spot," said Armando Gonzalez, who was scoping out the spot on Wednesday, taking what will be his final pictures of the Asarco stacks. "It'll be pretty cool."

If you want a close up view of the City Hall implosion you can be right outside of Union Plaza, which is in the exclusion zone, right next to the Union Plaza Train Depot.

Other Downtown options include the intersection of San Antonio and Durango, and although you can park there in the Union Plaza Transit Terminal you will not be allowed to watch from the parking garage.

There's also the intersection of Franklin and Oregon, which gives you this full view of the building.

"I think it's a pretty nice view," said Isaac Orozco, who was riding his bike Downtown on Wednesday.

But what may be the best view of all of the Asarco stacks falling will be near the ABC-7 studio in the office park off of Executive Center and Interstate 10.

"We're probably going to be here at five in the morning," said Beverly Miller, who was scouting spots to watch with her husband on Wednesday. "We''ve found our spot. We're going to be here."

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