What to do when storm causes damage to your home or automobile

State Farm offers the following tips for what to do when a storm comes through and causes damage to your home or automobile.

1 - REPORT: Contact your agent or insurer to report your claim. State Farm customers with damage should call 1-800 SF CLAIM to file a claim.

2 - REPAIR: Make temporary repairs, if practical and safe to do so, & save receipts. For example, if there
is a hole from a broken window that you can cover, and if you are able to safely do so, such steps may prevent
further damage to contents. Save receipts for tarps, plastic, plywood, etc., for the claims adjuster.

3 - RECORD: If possible, provide a list of damages. This is not required, but may expedite the claim
process. It can be very helpful to have a ‘home inventory' list, and/or photos, for the claims adjustor.
Preparing… Steps to Take Before Possible Future Catastrophes or Storms
1 - Know - Know what insurance coverage you have. Talk to your insurer about coverages, deductibles, etc.
Do you have adequate insurance coverage on your home? Need flood insurance? Earthquake coverage?

2 - Update - Periodically visit with your insurer, update coverage as you add possessions, remodel, etc.
Make sure your coverage is current, and adequate for your property.

3 - Inventory - Make a home inventory list, and keep in a separate location. Walk thru your home and video
or photo each room carefully. Good pictures are very helpful after severe claims such as a fire or storm.
It is also good to store receipts on large items.
Choose a reputable roofing contractor. Look for a licensed or bonded roofer and request references. Not all jurisdictions require licensing of roofing contractors. Ask to see certificates of insurance to be sure both liability and workers compensation insurance coverage is carried, and are in force during the time the roofing work is being done.

You may also contact your local Better Business Bureau or the National Roofing Contractors Association for assistance in locating a professional contractor in a specific geographic area.

If anyone visits your home without an appointment and professes to represent your insurer, ask for identification and contact your insurer to confirm before allowing access.

Source: State Farm

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