What others say about UTEP's Sean Kugler

EL PASO, Texas - Learning more about UTEP's new football coach, Sean Kugler.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said this about Kugler in 2010 after he hired Kugler away from the Buffalo Bills: "In the midst of a lot of things, the videotape was very good," Tomlin said about Kugler's work with the Buffalo Bills when the Steelers hired him in 2010. "They got after people, they put hats on hats, they finished. The things Sean and I talked about when he came in here showed up on tape."

Tomlin called Kugler a fundamentalist.

"He's rock solid schematically. He coaches (his players to) finish. He believes in some of the core things I believe in in terms of winning by attrition in the trenches. Again, it all showed up on the tape."

In a recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, an offensive lineman said every one of them would go through a wall for Kugler. Read the full article here.

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