What could the future prospects be for Utep Women's Basketball?

EL PASO, Texas - The impressive postseason run by the Utep Women's Basketball team has a lot of people wondering what the future holds. It's definitely been a great postseason experience for both fans and the team. But looking ahead, there could be some major changes in the prospects for the team.

     Steve Kaplowitz, host of SportsTalk on 600 ESPN said the Miner women could gain more national attention and a definite boost to recruitment with their tournament performance. Then there's the back-to-back sellout crowds at the Don Haskins Center.

     So could head coach Keitha Adams be getting extra attention from other universities? Adams recently signed a new six-year contract with Utep, so she's expected to stick around for a few years. But some say it's not realistic to expect her to spend the rest of her career in El Paso. Kaplowitz said what should really matter right now is fan support:

"If El Paso and Utep continue to support her and take care of this program, why can't Keitha continue to stay and develop El Paso into a power? She loves the city, she loves the community and the fan base, so instead of worrying about losing her, worry more about continuing to support and building this program into one of the top mid-majors in the country."

     Kaplowitz said the support and sellout of the crowds could positively impact how future sporting events are considered for the Don and El Paso in general.

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