West El Paso fence feud

West El Paso fence feud

EL PASO, Texas - There has been a lot of talk about building walls putting up fences, but one West El Paso homeowner had one put up right behind his property line.

As soon as you enter Dan Overstreet's home, your eyes immediately shift to the wooden fence in his back yard. 

Overstreet said he built his home 25 years ago, and used to enjoy the picturesque views of El Paso, until new neighbors erected a "hideous" fence. 

"They never came and said anything to us,'" Overstreet told ABC 7. " It just happened. In fact, I was out of town and I came home, and it was up."

Because of the terrain and property lines the homes are built on, the fence only obstructs half of Overstreet's backyard, and all of his neighbors. 

We wanted to know why the fence was put in up the first place. 

The homeowners told ABC 7 they had permits from the city, and to contact their attorney with any more questions, before slamming the door shut. 

The City of El Paso's website said a resdiential fence cannot be more than 8-feet high.  Overstreet does not think the fence directly behind his property line is in compliance. 

All he said he cares about is taking it down. 

"Plant some trees," suggested Overstreet. "Like I said, I would offer to help them take it down. I don't know what their cost was to put it up, it couldn't have been that cheap."

Over street said he plans to pursue the issue in small claims court. 


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