Well to be replaced to improve Ascarate Lake's Water Level

A new well will replace an old one to increase water levels

ascarate lake update

EL PASO, Texas - Ascarate Lake has seen a shortage of water for months, but now county commissioners hope to change that.

Thursday, Public Works Director Ernie Carrizal asked Commissioners Court to authorize the purchasing department to advertise a bid for a water well supply system. The court voted unanimously to move ahead with the process to replace the well.

ABC-7 asked Carrizal why they did not use the city's water supply temporarily to replenish the lake, and he said because of the cost.

"We think in the long run the best use of the taxpayers' money is to go with the route of the wells," Carrizal said.

Carrizal also said the lake is being monitored by Texas Parks and Wildlife. The Kids Fishing Tournament is taking place at the lake on Aug. 19, and Carrizal said the lake will be ready for the competition.

Carrizal said this is an extensive process, and people will need to be patient until the lake is back to its normal level.

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