EL PASO, Texas -

KVIA is looking for a strong news writer with solid news judgment, a great grasp of current events and who can work in a high-paced, high-stress environment.

Don`t expect to spend 8 hours a day producing. You will need to multitask: our producers edit part of their video, help do research, post to the web and must maintain command of every element of their show.

The ability to assist as a shooter, reporter, assignment editor or anything else will aid your chances. Newsroom experience is extremely helpful here, as I`d like to hire someone who already has some knowledge of what it takes to turn significant news into interesting television stories.

Get ready to demonstrate a strong command of the English language and newswriting technique. Proper grammar and spelling are paramount. Journalism tenets like attribution and balancing stories are, too. I`m not looking for a showstacker. I want someone who accurately can convey stories and be concise, creative, conversational.

I would most prefer to fill this position with somebody with at least a year or two as a newscast producer, or somebody with at least a year or two as an associate producer, desk assistant or with other meaningful post-internship experience. I will consider bright graduates with experience producing a daily college newscast.

If you don`t follow news daily, don`t apply for this position, please. You won`t make it through the application process.

KVIA is Market 91. El Paso is the 19th largest city in the country and we cover the city of Las Cruces in New Mexico. We are right on the border with Juarez, Mexico. It is a fascinating community: three states, two countries, a giant military post, a developing downtown, the upcoming Spaceport a couple of hours away. It`s a good time to be here!

This is a great place to polish the skills that will position you to do news at the highest levels. We have alumni working in L.A., Pittsburgh, Phoenix, ABC, ABC NewsOne, etc., straight from El Paso to those markets.

KVIA offers wonderful opportunities. We do six hours of news a day with tons of lives. We are progressive and are not afraid to try new technology. Our company offers a generous 401k program and a great Paid Time Off (PTO) plan.

Please send me a letter or e-mail summarizing your relevant background, qualifications and news philosophy. Here`s the clincher: I want to know about a good newscast and a bad newscast you produced, and what you learned from it. I also want you to show you`ve researched the market by including your salary requirement. Résumé and link to a show? Sure! Send it all to andkvia@yahoo.com (remember: concise, creative, conversational).

Good luck!

Brenda De Anda-Swann
News Director