Was UTEP's ongoing construction a headache for Miner fans?

Was UTEP's ongoing construction a headache for Miner fans?

EL PASO, Texas - The UTEP campus is still undergoing a lot of changes this football season.

With a new parking garage being built and the heart of the university under construction, some Miner fans ran into parking issues and had to adjust for the first tailgate of the season but was it worth the trouble?

The grills were sizzling, the footballs were flying and the pride was painted.

A day Miner fans waited for all summer, but it didn't come without a few roadblocks.

The parking lot where RVs used to park is under construction, so RVs have been moved to the Rudolph Chevrolet parking lot.

"The parking is a lot flatter. Its a lot better for RV's," said Louie and Anna Castanieda, who have been tailgating for the past 17 years.

Despite the change, they say it's just as fun as ever.

"We have parking for our friends and family and we have all these people, so its more room, its awesome," said Anna Castanieda.

Tent tailgaters also saw changes. They had to find spots in places never used in past seasons. ABC-7 found a few cars crammed in tight places.

"I think the parking, they should of extended it," said Norma Renteria. She says athough some parking lots are packed, others are empty. She said they could have  been put to better use.

On the other side of campus, Sun Metro's parking garage filled up an hour before kickoff.

Some fans were forced to park in Kern place.

UTEP students Sofia and Jasmine weren't too happy to be walking so far.

"Generally the closet areas to park are usually way to overpriced, that's, why we usually have to park really far and walk really far, "  said Jasmine Torres.

And then there's the worry.

"Where are we going to park? Are we going to get towed? It's just a hassle," said Torres.

But despite the parking hassle, for the most part, the people we spoke with said it's still worth it in the end.

"As long as friends and family are together. everything's worth it," said Renteria.

 UTEP and Sun Metro set up six park & ride stops throughout the city.

 ABC-7  did see a lot of people taking advantage of the shuttle.

 It's a deal at $3 for a round-trip fare.

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