Warning, Graphic Content- Photos Released Of Face-Chewing Victim In Recovery

Doctors say the homeless Miami man whose face was mostly chewed off by a naked assailant is awake and alert and doing "well", but in need of more surgery.

Jackson Memorial Hospital released two photos of 65-year-old Ronald Poppo with his permission on Tuesday afternoon, one showing him walking down a corridor assisted on either side by a hospital worker.

The other gives a recent look at Poppo's horrific injuries, roughly 3 and a half weeks after the shocking assault on Miami's MacArthur causeway: one of his eyes is covered by gauze, the other, gouged out in the attack, covered by skin. Poppo's nose is missing, and his forehead is a mass of scabs.

View graphic photos of Poppo and read the full article by clicking here.

Watch surveillance video of the attack here.

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