Viewers report witnessing "fire ball" falling from sky

Officials confirm it was a meteor

EL PASO, Texas -      Dozens of ABC-7 viewers called and emailed the station Saturday night claiming they saw a "ball of fire" falling from the sky.
     El Paso Police dispatch confirmed the reports were valid and that what viewers had seen was a meteor shower.
     Our ABC-7 meteorologists checked with the National Weather Center, but it had no information that a meteor shower was expected.
     On Sunday we learned it wasn't only the Borderland that had seen the fire balls Saturday night.
     The American Meteor Society posted maps where reports from witnesses were initiated -- as far away as Colorado.
     The bulk of the more than 100 people who took the time to file reports with AMS had witnessed the fire ball in west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.
     The "rock" was about as bright as the moon and about the size of a basketball, a NASA spokesman said.
     "It was the brightest thing I've ever seen," said Las Cruces eyewitness Trevas Younger. "It had colors of pinks and blues."

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