Veterans protest at Fort Bliss National Cemetery

"Bring back the grass."

Cemetery protest

EL PASO, Texas - Fort Bliss National Cemetery got rid of its grass years ago in favor of the desert landscape it has today.

The "gravel" look stretches above thousands of graves in the cemetery. Vets gathering is nothing new. But when they pick up picket signs, and gather outside the Fort Bliss National Cemetery -- they get a little extra attention.

Frank Winslett is a veteran and the organizer of this group. They're not inside the cemetery because legally they can't protest here. Instead they stand just outside. Creating a voice saying "bring back the grass."

The only grass you'll see at the cemetery is near the entrance. Andrew Matthews -- the director of this cemetery said he's not trying to change minds.

The cemetery has won awards for conservation. Matthews says had they kept the grass it'd be yellow or dying.

Winslett says he's just getting started. Whether his and his picketers voice reach Washington where decision makers are remains a question.

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