Veteran bound for El Paso kicked off airplane over dispute over service dog

Police escorted a Vietnam veteran off a flight in Phoenix after a dispute over his service dog, according to a report by 3TV in Phoenix.

The unidentified man was traveling through Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to El Paso on Saturday. 

US Airways officials confirm the incident took place on a US Airways Express Jet operated by SkyWest.

The unidentified man refused to obey an order from the pilot, who asked the crew to have the man put his service dog on the floor.

The veteran refused, saying his 100-pound golden retriever would not fit on the floor.  He insisted the dog sit on the vacant seat next to him.

Airline officials say for safety reasons, large service dogs are required to lie on the floor since there is no way to strap them in.

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Watch the full, unedited video at Warning, the video does have some adult language.

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