Jury finds Christian Martinez guilty of capital murder

POSTED: 03:15 PM MST Jan 30, 2014    UPDATED: 10:23 AM MST Feb 19, 2014 
Christian Martinez Trial Day 2
EL PASO, Texas -

Jan. 30, 2014: UPDATE: Jurors on Thursday afternoon found Christian Martinez guilty of capital murder in the stabbing deaths of two people three years ago.

The jury will begin the sentencing phase on Friday.

During closing arguments, defense attorneys said the state failed to prove that Martinez was sane.

Attorneys for Martinez maintained  he was a person in the grip of a psychotic episode that prevented him from knowing his conduct was wrong.

El Paso Police said Martinez followed Jovana Flores, 20, home from her jog on the east side, then stabbed Flores and her mother, Amalia, 58, more than 100 times.