UTEP forward Chris Washburn Jr. accused of assaulting bar bouncer

Bouncer says Chris Washburn Jr. broke his tooth

EL PASO, Texas - UTEP freshman basketball player Chris Washburn Jr. assaulted a bouncer at a Mesa St. bar, according to a complaint filed with El Paso Police Saturday night.

As of Tuesday morning, Washburn had not been arrested.

The accuser, Eric Nunez, told KVIA Sunday evening that he suffered a broken tooth after he was struck in the head by Washburn.

Police were called to the scene where they made an incident report.

The report states that Nunez told officers he was assaulted by Washburn and two other unidentified black males.

A witness police talked to said he saw the assault but could not positively identify the the person who did it.

Police said neither Nunez nor witnesses could identify who through the first punchy, only that Washburn was in the group.

Washburn and UTEP coach Tim Floyd were unavailable for comment Monday.

Washburn is the son of the late Michelle Williams Washburn and Chris Washburn Sr. Washburn Sr. was the No. 3 pick in the 1986 NBA Draft but his career was derailed by drug abuse and he was banned from the NBA in 1989. Read about Washburn Sr. trying to turn his life around here.

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