UTEP construction woes continue

UTEP renovations ongoing during classes


EL PASO, Texas - Students at UTEP will face a familiar challenge as construction on campus continues.

The new addition of the Centennial Plaza is in the middle of the UTEP campus and has taken longer than expected. But faculty told ABC-7 it is expected to be completed in the fall of 2014.

The space will be an oasis for campus and community events and an ideal venue as an outdoor classroom. But some students are worried about the ongoing construction and the potential delays.

"A lot of people describe it as a maze, like you're going through a maze because you have to go through a lot of roundabouts," One student said. "So you have add that in when you go to classes, but its all for a better cause I guess."

Vice President for Student Affairs Gary Edens said the best way to prepare for delays is to leave earlier than usual.

"Make sure they leave home early find the parking spaces, get to the classrooms," Edens said. "We have opened up pathways but we have also closed certain routes that were open last semester. So they are going to want to get here and make sure to know how to get to their classroom."

A map of alternate routes for all students and faculty is available here.

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