Update to the Juarez Shooting

More information about the Juarez shooting

Juarez Shooting Update

EL PASO, Texas - More information has been released in regard to the deadly shooting in Juarez, Mexico, near the U.S. Border. 

Chihuahua attorney in the Northern Zone Enrique Villarreal Macias said they are gathering surveillance video from different cameras installed along Avenida Juarez.

According to witnesses one gunman who used two different weapons was involved in the attack against two Juarez City police officers. One officer died and the other was injured.

Because of his medical condition the  officer who survived the attack has not yet revealed information to detectives. Border Patrol and Mexican officers found 18 bullet casings, caliber 40 and 9 millimeter at the crime scene.

Detectives currently have 11 witnesses and seven of them have already given their accounts of what happened.

The 14 year-old teen that was injured by a stray bullet is still recovering in a hospital. 

Thirty year- old Victor Eduardo Ángel Vargas was killed. Vargas joined JPD on July 20, 2012.

Juarez Mayor, Enrique Serrano Escobar said Juarez City police are on alert and the motive of the attack is still unknown.

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