UPDATE: Mother of baby found dead in car identified

Wakesha Ives teaches business classes at Riverside High School

Mother of Baby Found Dead in Car Identified

EL PASO, Texas - ABC-7's I-team is confirming the name of the mother whose five-month-old daughter was left in an SUV and died, in a local high school parking lot.

Wakesha Ives, 37, and her family are grief stricken, family members said.

Police say the infant was left in the car while the mother was inside of the school.

Ives teaches business classes at Riverside High School.

A family member who spoke with ABC-7 said they are not ready to speak about the incident.  He referred ABC-7's Matt Dougherty to their attorney, Jim Darnell.

Police have not said how long the baby was in the vehicle.  They say high school staff members attempted to revive the girl through CPR but the baby was unresponsive.

Ives was also transported to the hospital, but her medical condition was not released.


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