Update: Mich. police ID man killed in shootout with authorities in West El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - A Michigan man was killed near the border early Friday morning.

According to El Paso Police, it was a local officer or a Border Patrol agent that shot and killed him. 

Michigan State Police identified the man as  Daniel John Myers.

He skipped out on his parole in Michigan. 

 Since then, Michigan State Police wanted to speak with the man about several incidents including two armed robberies, a stolen vehicle and a home invasion. 

According to Michigan State Police 1st Lt. Chuck Christensen, detectives in Michigan became aware that the man was in the El Paso area late Thursday night.  After notifying them, the man was found near the 200 block of Yandell.  A public information officer with the El Paso police department said the man fled, leading to a police chase. 

He then got out of his car and took off in west El Paso near the border.  Police say that is when he began to exchange fire. 

"He fled here to the 2600 block of Paisano where he engaged officers in gunfire," said El Paso Police spokesman Michael Baranyay.  Two police officers and a border patrol officer were involved in the pursuit when the suspect was gunned down.  Police have not offered any indication about who shot the officer. 

However, a police spokesman said that protocol involves the officers being put on administrative leave, or administrative duty depending on the severity of a case.  Right now the El Paso Shooting Review Team is looking into the happenings of early Friday morning. 

A border patrol official said they are relying on the information from El Paso Police Department to determine the next step of action.  Texas Rangers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will also be involved. 

As for the man killed, police in Michigan say there were warning signs.  He indicated that police had made contact with the man. 

"He was being urged to turn himself in but he said he wasn't going to do that because there was no way he was going to go back to prison," said Christensen  noting that if he had been found in Michigan a SWAT team would have been used to attempt to bring him in. 

According to Christensen, it was believe the man involved in Friday morning's shootout was producing and using methamphetamines.  He said it could have allowed things to escalate to this point, pointing out the crimes he was wanted for questioning in had escalated since he skipped parole in early January.

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