Update: Man shocked by power line checks out of hospital; mom talks about electric shock incident

Las Cruces tree trimmer recovering after shock

Only On ABC-7: Mother of man shocked by power line speaks

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - Jan. 9, 2013 update: Martha Romero tells ABC-7 that her son, Craig Benavidez, check out of the hospital Tuesday night.

Jan. 8, 2013 story: A Las Cruces tree trimmer remains hospitalized at University Medical Center in El Paso after getting shocked while on the job.

This is the second serious accident in six months for Craig Benavidez, 52.

His mother, Martha Romero, told ABC-7 his recovery is "a miracle."

"It was a miracle. Surviving the bees, and then, he was covered with the bees, and then this," Romero said.

It was in July of last year when Romero watched her son survive hundreds of stings from Africanized bees while trimming trees. She said he returned to work just a week later.

Now, Romero said Benavidez is bouncing back from another frightening incident.

"I could hear him screaming and yelling. That's what really upset me. But he's fine, thanks to God. He's fine," she said.

In video sent to ABC-7 by a viewer, Las Cruces firefighters rescued Benavidez from the tree minutes after he was shocked by a nearby power line on Monday.

A coworker who witnessed it all said Benavidez is experienced with working in dangerous situations.

"It's a mistake. On his behalf, he got careless up there. Because we were barely talking about the wires and how dangerous it is. He was giving us a lecture about them before he got up there. I guess it just took that one split second, wrong move. It could have been a slip," Ruben Gutierrez said.

Romero said it's nerve-wracking every time her son goes to work, but she would never keep him from it.

"That's what he's known all his life and he loves it. He loves being up in the trees," she said.

Romero said Benavidez's doctors think he could go home any day now.

She said he can't wait to get back up in a tree.

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