Update: Man Killed With Bat Has Criminal History

Albert Aguirre Has Nine Convictions, Served At Least Seven Years In Prison

EL PASO, Texas - Update:

ABC-7'S I-Team uncovered Albert Aguirre's criminal history. He is the man killed Saturday morning with a bat after he allegedly tried to rape a woman. Court documents show he has spent at least seven years in prison and has nine criminal convictions.

- ROBBERY (convicted, 1986)

- POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA (convicted, 1987)

- EVADING ARREST (pleaded guilty, 1999)

- DWI (pleaded guilty, 2006)

- HARASSMENT (pleaded guilty, 2007)


- DWI (pleaded guilty, 2008)

- BURGLARY OF A BUSINESS (convicted, no date specified)

- DELIVERY OF MARIJUANA (convicted, no date specified)

Previous Story:

An El Paso woman said she would have been just another rape victim if another man hadn't stepped in, grabbed a bat and started swinging at her alleged attacker.

Nearly four days later, that alleged attacker was taken off of life support on Wednesday after suffering severe head injuries. The incident happened just before 3 a.m. Saturday on Mobile Avenue in Central El Paso.

"I feel very bad because I've gone through this before," said the 27-year-old El Paso victim. She did not want to be identified because she said she is afraid of retaliation. She said the attack happened after she left a bar.

The man, whom police have identified as 46-year-old Albert Aguirre forced his way through her front door. Aguirre lived just down the street from the woman. She said he has a violent history, including a previous rape charge.

"I went toward the door and struggled with him as he was trying to take my clothes apart, putting his hand under my skirt, touching my private parts," the woman said. "I could smell the liquor and the alcohol on him and he smelled like marijuana."

She also said the man was covered in vomit and urine as she fought to push him down the driveway and into the street. The woman said a man, whom she did not want to identify, but who lives in the neighborhood heard her screaming for help.

"A person came outside to help me and take him off me," she said. "That person while defending me caused Albert Aguirre injuries so bad that it caused his death."

She said her attacker started choking the man when he grabbed a bat and swung - just once - at her attacker. Police said he suffered severe head injuries.

"I thank that person who helped me because if it wasn't for that person I just would have been another rape victim again and who knows if he has AIDS or if he would have gotten me pregnant again," she said.

Since the incident, the woman said she has been threatened several times by Aguirre's family.

"Knowing that you can't live in your home where home is supposed to be peace and safety and now we can't have that," she said. "I want to say to the family that I am so sorry for what they're going through. But I say to the family to also put themselves in my shoes and put themselves in that person's shoes who defended me and I think any person would have done the same thing."

So far, no charges have been filed in the case but Crimes Against Persons is investigating Aguirre's death. Aguirre's family refused to comment about the incident.

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