Update: El Paso Police release name of man who allegedly tried to steal iPad at coffee shop

EL PASO, Texas - Aug. 14, 2014 Update:  El Paso Police officers booked 18-year old Carlos Guerrero, of the 6300 block of Palo Verde, Wednesday evening into the County jail for the alleged theft of an iPad at a Starbucks.

He has been charged with Theft of Property Over $500 – Under $1,500 from Elderly Person Over 65, a felony, and on the charge of Evading Arrest.

No other charges are pending. Guerrero's bonds totaled $2,500.

Aug. 13, 2014 Story: It was anything but a normal morning at a West El Paso Starbucks.

All thanks to an unexpected guest.

He stormed into the coffee shop, grabbed a woman's iPad and ran away.

But he didn't get too far.

"This kid walked in and he was just staring at me and I thought something's up with this," the sister of the iPad owner told ABC-7. "And I screamed and everybody in Starbucks jumped up. I kept screaming and the guy got out of the Starbucks."

According to witnesses, the alleged robber pulled up to the coffee shop on a motorcycle and left it running when he walked in to the coffee shop.

After he took the iPad, other Starbucks customers took action, with some trying to stop him and others yelling to get the attention of everyone in Starbucks.

One man, Julio Diaz, a county commissioner candidate, saw what was happening and ran after the man.

The alleged thief didn't get back on his motorcycle but tried to run away.

Diaz eventually caught up to him and took the iPad away from him and returned the tablet to its owner.

Police say that other "Good Samaritan" customers caught the suspect and he was turned over to West Side officers at the store.

The man, whose name has not been released, was charged with Theft of Property Over $500 – Under $1,500 from Elderly Person Over 65, a Felony.

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