Update: City says no date has been set for City Hall's demolition

EL PASO, Texas - 4:20 p.m. March 7 Update: City Rep. Cortney Niland has called ABC-7 to say that she did mention the April 6 City Hall demolition date to ABC-7 but that it was not definitive.

The City of El Paso tweeted that "A true demo date will be released in the coming days."

Previous story: It appears two of El Paso's iconic structures might be demolished within a few days of each other this April.

City Rep. Cortney Niland told ABC-7 early Thursday afternoon that City Hall will be demolished on Saturday, April 6. Niland was unambiguous when she told ABC-7 the date.

City of El Paso spokeswoman Juli Lozano told ABC-7 that Niland was "wrong" about City Hall's demolition date after ABC-7 tweeted the demolition date.

For weeks, City officials have only said the demolition would be at the start of April, but no exact date.

So for now, the City's official position is that no date has been set.

City Hall will be demolished to make way for El Paso's Triple-A baseball stadium.

ASARCO's two stacks are scheduled to be demolished on Saturday, April 13.

Insights Museum, near City Hall, will be demolished on March 11.

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