U.S. Rep. Reyes informs mayor of 'disturbing' emails between City Manager and City Rep. Ortega

Reyes informs mayor of 'disturbing' emails

EL PASO, Texas - Just as it seemed City Manager Joyce Wilson was about to close a chapter on the leak of unprofessional emails sent from her account, others surfaced.

Tuesday El Paso City Council evaluated Wilson in executive session. Mayor John Cook said private emails played a role in the city's top employee's work performance measure, but wouldn't divulge details of the meeting, calling it a "personnel issue."

"The council expressed their opinions on the emails. but right now, it's time to move on," said Cook.

Out-going Congressman Silvestre Reyes informed Cook of an email thread between Wilson and City Rep. Steve Ortega. Reyes described the email thread as "disconcerting" in a letter dated Dec. 10, the day before Wilson would be evaluated.

In a March 27 exchange, Wilson and Ortega wrote about a Reyes news conference with Cook to work on shortening bridge wait times on the border.

"Interesting how he's pushing so hard right now. Must really feel threatened," wrote Wilson.

"I agree with you, this was a campaign ploy in which the Mayor was complicit in assisting," replied Ortega. "He does feel threatened and he will lose and then we can start working with a federal official that will move our community's agenda forward."

Reyes lost to former El Paso City Council member Beto O'Rourke in the Democratic primary election. O'Rourke then won Reyes' seat in the general election in November.

"..It is very disturbing to me that while we were addressing this important issue, the City Manager and a City Representative were engaged in political activity, cheerleading and/or advocacy of their preferred candidate, apparently during work hours and using City resources," wrote Reyes.

"It's regrettable," said Ortega of the March 27 email exchange with Wilson."I, like many (people) send thousands of emails. There are going to be some that are regrettable."

A May 30 exchange between Wilson and Ortega, the morning after O'Rourke won against Reyes, also has surfaced. Its subject header reads, "Beto's the man"

"Now all we need is you in the mayor's office and the dynamic trio is in place!!!!!!," wrote Wilson.

"It's very exciting," replied Ortega.

Ortega formally announced his run for Mayor in November.

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