U.S. Air Force chooses Ft. Bliss for training center

EL PASO, Texas - The U.S. States military is reorganizing. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down. And the Department of Defense wants a a force with unique capabilities. This means joint capabilities, which is why the U.S. Air Force is going to consolidate six security forces regional training centers into one and work with another branch of the military. 

They are considering four bases and posts across the country, and Fort Bliss learned it's the number one choice.

"It's an important announcement for Fort Bliss," said Fort Bliss Spokesman Maj. Joe Buccino. "It indicates that fort Bliss is an important installation for the training of our force."

Fort Bliss Spokesman Joe Buccino says his post was chosen because of premier training area and facilities and the needed infrastructure to house the incoming airmen. And there would be thousands of incoming airmen, between 8,000-10,000 starting in 2015.

Airmen in training would come to El Paso for 10-60 days. After training and before graduation, Fort Bliss will move them into downtown El Paso.

"Which will be a big boon for in keeper, hotels, restaurants, things of that nature," Buccino said. "Families will fly in for graduation ceremonies. So it's a big opportunity and this is a big economic driver for El Paso."

Bliss is waiting for the final word from the Department of Defense, but Buccino is confident El Paso will soon be home to the U.S. Air Force Security Force training center. If the Department of Defense confirms the choice, Bliss will receive 137 airmen this year. 

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