TxDOT encourages sports fans to stay sober before getting in the driver seat

EL PASO, Texas - The National Football League is nearing its end and in a few weeks a new champion will be crowned on Super Bowl Sunday.

While it is still unknown which two teams will make it to the big game, sports fan everywhere are likely already planning Super Bowl parties.

The Texas Department of Transportation is using its Fan Van to remind people about the dangers of drinking and driving after watching sporting events.

The Fan Van will be at Wal-Mart located at 7101 Gateway West where fans will be able to fill shopping carts for their football viewing party. TxDOT officials said sports fan will also take home a live-saving message.

"It's definitely a high time for alcohol. We love our football, well that's the fortunate part but unfortunately we do the wrong thing in getting behind the wheel and driving," said Monica O'Kane, Traffic Safety Specialist for TxDOT.

During last year's Super Bowl, in a 24-hour cycle, 112 alcohol-related traffic crashes in Texas were reported. Four of them were deadly wrecks.

On Saturday fans can sign up to win a 'Man Cave' giveaway-- of course, women can sign up too.

It includes a 60-inch home theater system, a massage chair and a folding poker table, among other prizes.

To be eligible, potential winners must pledge not to drink and drive for the remainder of the football season.

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