EL PASO, Texas -

DNA from the man police accuse of being the “Manhattan Heights rapist" was found on the victim, according to an expert who testified on the first day of his trial on Monday.

Arturo Valtierra-Payan, also known as Arturo Valtierra, is on trial for aggravated sexual assault, robbery and burglary that happened in late June 2013.

Aggravated sexual assault is rape in Texas.

Prosecutors say he is responsible for the rapes of three women Central El Paso neighborhood from May through June last year.

Prosecutors began their opening statements by describing how Valtierra broke into a house located in Central El Paso's Manhattan Heights neighborhood last year and attacked and raped the female resident.

Prosecutors read statements from the victim where she described how she found her kitchen window open and then saw the suspect duck down.

She tried to scare him away by kicking the door but he kicked it open and began punching her, then allegedly raped her, according to the statement.

The victim went on to describe in the statement that after the alleged assault he instructed her to give him her jewelry, stating he would cut her ring finger off if she didn't.

She then went on to describe how she stood by the kitchen sink and used soap to take her rings off.

Once the suspect got them he went out the back door.

In response, defense attorney Patrick Lara told jurors  they were going to hear from witnesses, law enforcement and experts in the filed of medicine and to not "rush to judgment."

He asked jurors to listen to all evidence with an open mind and hold the state of Texas to provide the evidence.

Prosecutors then called their first witness to the stand, El Paso Police Officer Michael Anthony Ramirez, a nine-year-veteran of the department.

Ramirez described how he was the first responder to arrive at the home and how he and his partner entered through the front door noticing the door had been forced open and pieces of wood on the ground.

After checking and clearing the home for suspects they found the victim in the kitchen, holding a robe in front of her.

Ramirez described her as being fairly calm but looked "like a deer in headlights" with a shocked look on her face.

Officers asked her what happened and she said the suspect went out the back door.

Ramirez described how he checked the backyard and noticed the back gate was open. He requested a K-9 unit but the dog was not able to pick up the scene of the suspect.

He also described how he found distinct footprints in the dirt next to the grass and found hand prints by the kitchen window.

The officer then told jurors how he tried to keep the area pristine and prevent others from stepping on footprints or contaminating the area.

Lara questioned the officer about contamination at the crime scene and asked who was on the contamination list.

Ramirez was then excused.

Prosecutors then called the second witness, paramedic and firefighter Raymond Estrada to the stand.

Estrada described the victim's injuries to jurors.

He described bruises to the victim's left side of the face and redness to her neck, arms and legs where she had been held down and choked.