EL PASO, Texas -

A man is on trial for murder and aggravated assault. Miguel Tinoco is accused of plowing his car into a crowd outside a house party in 2012, killing a woman and injuring four others.

Monday, prosecutors first called Juan Martinez to the stand. He is the owner of the home where the party for his son, Julio Martinez, was held.

He told the court how he had walked out of his son's party and talked to his neighbor who was complaining about the noise from the party. Martinez told jurors he saw his neighbor hit Miguel Tinoco in the face, then Tinoco walked away only to return minutes later in his car before hitting the party-goers.

Martinez's son then took the stand. The man recalled his 19th birthday party, and described how they played beer pong. He testified tequila and vodka were also available. Julio Martinez said he had invited from 70 to 100 people to his party through social media, including Tinoco.

Julio Martinez then told the court how, after midnight, he and his father stopped the party when they noticed there were a lot of people they didn't know. He said they were concerned about what the strangers might do.

The young man told jurors he, too, saw Tinoco get punched in the face by a neighbor. Moments later, Martinez described how he heard the engine revving and the tires squealing as Tinoco drove up and hit people in the street. He then described the injuries and wounds on the victims.

Miriam Aguirre, 23, died of her injuries.

The trial will continue Tuesday in 243rd District Court.