Train crash leaves 50 year old man in critical condition

Train crash leaves 50 year old man in critical condition

El Paso, Texas - A train and a small truck crash in West El Paso sent two men to the hospital.

The truck and train crashed at the intersection of Sunland park and Doniphan, a little after three 3 p.m. Sunday.

Authorities say the driver, 50, and a passenger, 22, were taken to University Medical Center in critical condition.

Both were said to have cuts on their faces and necks.

The small pickup truck was mangled by the train.

Windows were blown out, personal items and construction tools where scattered throughout the scene, a clear sign of the train's force at the moment of impact.

At ABC-7 we've covered lots of train accidents.

In January, outside of Tornillo, a crash left people seriously injured.

In Febuary, a Dona Ana driver barely managed to escape before the train hit his car.

In July, a central El Paso man was hit and killed.

In August, a man was killed when he drove through the crossings.

His car was dragged farther than the length of a football field.

In all of these crashes, police reported the cause to be the same: Drivers disregarding crossing guard arms or warning signs.

A man at the scene of Sunday's crash told ABC-7 the driver of the truck was his neighbor.

He said the driver and passenger are father and son. 

A Westside resident who lives near the scene of the crash says the trains move through many times a day.

ABC-7 did get a text from a police spokesman, wich said the 22-year-old man is doing better.

Police officials also released the  name of the 50-year-old driver, Arturo Torrez, but there is no word yet on wether his condition has changed.


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