Traffic headaches to continue for Eastwood residents

EL PASO, Texas - Residents near Eastwood High School will continue to deal with construction headaches through the beginning of the new year.

The project was initiated by the city to help east flooding in the Eastwood area.

Residents have growing concerns about the project. They've said that even with the construction that is still in progress, the completed areas are still seeing flooding.

ABC-7 took these concerns to the city. When we spoke to an engineering division manager, Gilbert Andujo, he told us that even though the project is between 70 and 75 percent complete. The main parts of the storm drainage are crucial for everything to work properly, something they still need to tackle. ABC-7 also wanted to know whether the recent rainfall has kept them from completing the project on time.

Andujo told us things remain on schedule. He said, "Recently, with the heavy rains it hasn't...I can tell you the project has been functioning as it was designed. Once we complete the storm drainage system, we will be able to connect all the inlets and everything will drain eventually in to the Montwood/Eastwood dam."

He added, "have a little more patience with us. We have about 25 percent of the project left. Before we know it, we'll have it complete and we're looking at a substantial completion date of February of 2015, if not sooner."

The 24-month project is expected to cost $11,089,329.84.  

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