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Water Rescue team recovers 3 drowning victims this morning

EL PASO, Texas - A very busy morning for members of the El Paso Fire Department's  Water Rescue team as they recover the bodies of three drowning victims.

Rescue crews were called to the Rio Grande near Yarbrough and the Border Highway at around three this morning to recover the body of a female in the river .

A few hours later Border Patrol agents spotted a second body floating in the river at almost the same location.

El Paso Fire Dept. spokesman Carlos Briano tells ABC7 the first female is believed to be 14 years old, the second female victim around 20 years of age.

Recent rains have increased the levels of water in the river and area irrigation canals endangering anyone who tries to swim across or through the water.

Border Patrol agents were flagged down a little after eight this morning by persons on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande after they spotted a body in the water. The agents called the EPFD Water Rescue  team  to the one thousand block of Santa Fe near Chihuahuita where they recovered the body  of a 17 year old male who was washed down river after he and three women tried crossing a canal near south El Paso on Monday.


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