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Residents are cleaning up after Saturday's heavy winds

Cleaning up after Saturday's windstorm
Residents who live near the Franklin Mountains State Park say they're used to high winds, especially in their neighborhood which stands at a higher altitude than the rest of the city. But with some estimating gusts reached over 75 miles per hour, they say they're lucky no one got hurt.
The winds were so heavy, it ripped the roof right off the garage of one north east home. It went flying over the backyard, part of it landed in an arroyo. 
Across the street, neighbor Janet Reynolds says an air conditioning unit flew off her neighbor's roof. She says they tied it to a tree so it wouldn't go any further .
The wind was blowing so fast and so hard roof shingles flew into Reynold's mother's backyard. It even uprooted a tree.
"The gutters were crushed and tangled," Reynolds said.  
Across the highway at Cohen stadium, the canopies are now shredded. Other homes lost patches of roof shingles.

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