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Dona Ana County breaks voting record

Las Cruces, NM - The Dona Ana County Clerks Office is predicting that 75,000 people will cast a ballot in Dona Ana County. 

That's 10,000 more votes cast than during the last presidential election. 

"It's a zany election, never seen anything like it", said County Clerk Lynn Ellins, "I think the concern is such that nobody wants to stay home and regret the fact they didn't have something to say about it".

We asked Las Cruces voters about there thoughts on the election, "I'm just hoping for the best. I guess a better future for my kids. Just hoping for someone who's going to make a difference for I guess the minorities", said Rebecca Gonzalez. 

Rick Hensel said he hopes, "People will start to make America a country that is sane".

As of 5:30 PM on Election Day, over 68,000 have voted, including 24,000 votes casted today.  

For prospective in 2012, 66,496 people came out to vote in Dona Ana County. 

About 114,000 people are registered to vote in Dona Ana County. 



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