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TK Fit: Overcoming the odds can inspire others to achieve

Local gym members inspire others

It's usually the gym trainer inspiring others to become the best version of themselves, however at TK Fit it's a different story.

"It is inspiring to me and the people who work out next to them who feel like quitting" said Trainer Kai Malachai.

He was talking about gym-members Joel Acosta and Kyle Patrick. 

Acosta suffered from a brain aneurysm in 200, which affected his speech, vision and left him partially paralyzed. "I suffered from a stroke  that led to an emergency operation to remove an aneurysm the size of my fist."

"I had to learn everything like a little baby, how to talk, walk dress and eat," said Acosta. This year, he is keeping up with the best of them at the gym and continues to push himself.

Kyle Patrick was injured in a mortar attack while deployed to Iraq in 2011. "We heard the whistling of the rounds coming in and we all ran to the bunker," Patrick continued, "I got blown over, where I was head over heels and my head drug on the ground." 

"Everything was crushed," Patrick said, "they had to pretty much reconstruct my foot."

Doctors told Patrick he would never walk unassisted again, however through strong will-power and determination Patrick is hitting the gym and holding his own.

"If I can do it," Patrick said, " there is no excuse for anyone."


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