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Future city leaders answer questions about immigration, infrastructure

Future city leaders forum

The city of El Paso will have a new mayor in less than a month, and candidates are making a last-ditch effort to reach voters. 

EPISO and Border Interfaith held a candidate forum at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Sunday. 

ABC-7 asked constituents what they wanted to see in El Paso's new mayor. 

"Somebody that follows through with what he says, instead of saying lies and doing something else," one person said. 

"The immigration issue. I don't know how much of a say they have on that but I'm really concerned about that," another said.

Only four of the eight candidates showed up. They were only allowed to answer four questions in just 90 seconds. 

They were asked whether they'd ensure infrastructure projects are completed on time, and if they'd oppose bills like SB4 that sanctions law enforcement for not enforcing federal immigration law. All candidates said they would. 

They also addressed work force development and the possibility of setting the city at a living wage. 

"I wish they could've elaborated a little more and had a question and answer," one constituent said. 

Candidates for the El Paso Independent School board also answered questions relating to immigration, pre-K, after school programs and parental engagement. They also had to answer whether they'd ensure the bond projects will be completed on time and on budget. All candidates answered yes, to that one. In November, voters approved a record $669 million bond to renovate schools district wide. It's costing tax payers an extra $212 a year. 

"I definitely believe in the bonds but the only way that they're going to be effective is if someone actually acts on them," one constituent said. "So having someone in there that can actually follow through is really important."

Early voting starts Monday. For a list of voting locations go here:

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