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El Pasoans honor fallen soldiers at Fort Bliss cemetery

Honoring fallen soldiers

EL PASO, Texas - About a thousand volunteers placed flags at the grave sites of fallen soldiers this Memorial Day weekend at the Fort Bliss Cemetery.

"There's a reason for this day, we just have to take a minute or two and just honor them," Susanne Caver, who was visiting her father's grave said. 

"He didn't pass away in combat but he served in the Korean Conflict," she said. 

Caver, like many at the Fort Bliss cemetery, comes from a military family.

"We have a cousin who passed away serving in Afghanistan and it's important to remember all those who've served," Caver said. 

Boy scouts and children with the El Paso Young Marines were among the volunteers who placed flags on about fifty thousand grave sites.

It's a way to remind every child and every adult the sacrifice every person who's name is on those headstones made. 

Something Caver says is sometimes forgotten. 

"I think we sometimes become de-sensitized so much war so much conflict so much going on in the world that i think we sometimes become numb and in the background," Caver said. 

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