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El Pasoans celebrate Super Bowl Sunday at local bars

El Pasoans celebrate Super Bowl at...
Local bar owners ABC-7 spoke with say Super Bowl Sunday is sometimes one of the busiest days of the year, it just depends who's playing.
"It'd be a lot bigger if the Steelers and Cowboys were playing today," owner of King's Ax Ted Aikman said. 
The bars weren't packed Sunday afternoon. But everyone ABC-7 spoke with had an opinion about the two teams playing. 
"I don't like Tom Brady," one El Pasoan said. 
"There are a lot of Brady and Patriot haters in general which I understand. It is what it is. They don't like people who are doing well," a patriot fan said. 
While there weren't a lot of people rooting for the Patriot's or the Falcons, Bartender at Lloyd's Pub David Elorreaga anticipated he'd still make 20% percent more in tips this Super Bowl Sunday. The bar's owner said they normally experience an increase in business. 
"It'll be about 2 to 3 the amount of business we'd have on a regular Sunday," she said. 
Between the food, drinks and roller coaster of emotions, the number one reason people come out to watch the games? 
"You don't have to clean up afterwards," Aikman said. "You enjoy the people cheering. There's a little more room."

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