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East El Paso residents cleaning up after Friday's storm

Severe Weather Cleanup
Residents in an East El Paso neighborhood are still cleaning up after Friday's severe storm. 
On Sunday, ABC-7 saw tractors scooping up pounds of leftover ice. Cars drove down slick streets in between what looked like mountains of snow covering the sidewalks.
Crews were repairing roofs as broken shingles laid on the ground cracked and broken. There were also leaves and rocks scattered throughout the street due to the heavy rain.
Long time residents say they've never seen anything like it. 
"It looked something like the Titanic when I was passing through it," one resident said. 
"You couldn't pass through here there was at least 3 feet of hail all on the street," another said. "All on the sides you couldn't see anything. Small cars were practically buried in it." 

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