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Alternate routes in place after closure of Sunland Park ramp to I-10 East

EL PASO, Texas - West El Paso drivers will have to make yet another adjustment to their communte after the Interstate 10 access on-ramp was permanently closed. The underpass ramp connected Sunland Park Drive (south of I-10) to I-10 East.

There are several options for drivers to get access to I-10 East from Sunland Park, New Mexico and surroundng areas.

At the intersection of Sunland Park Dr. and I-10, drivers can make a right hand turn at the traffic light that will take drivers through a one-land access road to I-10 East.

If you want to avoid that intersection, drivers can take a right onto Constitution Dr. from Sunland Park Dr. (Constitution Dr. is one block north of Doniphan Dr.)

Constitution Dr. will take drivers to Crockett St. where there is access to I-10 east.

Lastly, drivers can use the newly opened Doniphan-to-Paisano connector, where I-10 east can be accessed to through Executive Center Blvd.

The permanent closure of the on-ramp and detours are a result of the GO 10 project, in which crews are making lane improvements to I-10 between Sunland Park Dr. and Executive Center Blvd.

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